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I bought this a few months ago and am stuck on it's origin and value. There is an impressed mark but it's too heavily glazed to ID. I am guessing it's Capodimonte but it's not an area i am well versed in. Any info would be gladly received. It's a magnificent decadent piece of porcelain. I know it is a scene from Faust

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Close ups


I collected perhaps 1,000 or more objects from a select few thrift and consignment shops in Northern Virginia since 1989 and now have collections of all sorts of items esp. collectible glass, artwork, jewelry, some toys, sculptures and much more.  I studied English in college and used my learned and natural skills to research almost every item that I found.  We're all fortunate to live in a time when knowledge can be found and shared in an instant.  This is a scene from the opera Faust and shows the Devil and Gretchen at her spinning wheel.  I'll let you or others research the company which made this; I have several collectibles which I've never been to identify and at some point simply learn to enjoy them and not worry about the specific maker of my object.  What I've learned in selling some of my collectibles on eBay is that there's always someone else to whom my object holds equal or more value than it does to me.  They're the person who bids on my unique collectible because they specialize in collecting it and possibly had been searching for it for years.  I don't sell most of my items because I like holding onto them and that's what makes me a collector instead of simply a reseller.

Very unusual. The overall shape says vieux paris porcelain but with a unique bottom finish. Italian rococo is much larger in scale than French and this one strikes right in the middle. I vote Old Paris. Sizes?

Cool piece. Can you tell how the background was decorated? Is it printed or painted? You need to try to give closeup of the impressed mark since that is critical to figuring who made it. Also how big is it?

Without better closeup pics, we can say it can be no older than early 1800's when the play was first produced, and more likely later 1800's or maybe 20th century. Italy would be one of my last guesses for where it is from (and not old enough to be true Capodimonte anyway). Faust is a German play and there were lots of German porcelain figurine companies in the 19th, 20th century making Germany a likely location. But I would guess it is Asian, specifically Japan, based on the figurine modeling and more important the decoration of the back.

And I'd rule out Capodimonte-don't think they dealt in red terracotta.

It's a raised mark, almost the shape of a loaf of bread, I can make out a B and possible an O or C. I'm certain it's European and not Asian. All the decoration is painted not printed and i think underglaze, it measures 57cm across by 35cm high. It's massive. It's a masterpiece in modelling if you ask me

What do you call it?  I have looked at shadow boxes and dioramas, framed 3D sculpture...I need the correct search words.  It is really beautiful.

It's a planter, it's just extraordinarily decorative. High Victoriana, very over the top bombastic neo-rococo architectural style. It's a marmite piece and it would divide tastes. It's certainly not my taste but i love it's almost hysterical kitsch look but it's the quality that gets me, the colouring on the figures and inset scene is very very good (not Meissen quality), it's a pure feast for the eyes

It's a planter?!  That is outrageous.  I think it is amazing for all the same reasons.  It obviously wasn't left outside in the rain.  Wow.

Planter? Really? Can you show a pic of the top which is where I assume the plant goes?

We've many ornate planters over the years and are shipping one to a buyer that's a French terracotta almost 3' tall with a small planter on the base.


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