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I bought this a few months ago and am stuck on it's origin and value. There is an impressed mark but it's too heavily glazed to ID. I am guessing it's Capodimonte but it's not an area i am well versed in. Any info would be gladly received. It's a magnificent decadent piece of porcelain. I know it is a scene from Faust

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Some close ups of the modelling and painting

It's a very skilled piece of potting, a lot of work has gone into it and but i agree it's not quite Meissen standard but it is very very good. Maybe one for the antiques roadshow, if it ever comes back to Kent.

I do not think this is Capodimonte, I'm a dealer with an Italian husband and have bought and sold many Capo pieces, none like this or finished like that on the underside. Looks french to me.

Without better closeup pics, we can say it can be no older than early 1800's when the play was first produced, and more likely later 1800's or maybe 20th century. Italy would be one of my last guesses for where it is from (and not old enough to be true Capodimonte anyway).

The only way to truly diagnose the origin would be to research and find that mark. I only have the Godden guide to marks and i've not actually bothered to look as that's British pottery

I'm thinking more in line with a Continental Majolica, a very late piece, perhaps the end of the 19th century or early in the 20th? The painting, especially on the base, suggests that. Also, research under "Secessionist" era. Post, Majolica, we had many odd and interesting English and Continental ( mainly Germany, Austria and France) statement pieces, such as yours. What is your opinion on what it's made of? would you say paste porcelain, or? I see a chalky white appearance on the bare feet. I know that some here said Terra cotta, but I'm not seeing the red clay, at all? Might it be Faience?

It's lovely in any case and very unusual, do keep us posted if you learn more on the marking. :)

Related image

Just like Vicki said....we are moving closer....Vallauris Monaco 1950s

Could also be white terracotta-I've had some pieces form Italy in that medium.

I was not totally serious with this submission, but this is driving me crazy.  Just finding the scene within the piece itself seemed like something.  I am seeing more German/Austria in most of my searches so far......stumped.

White Terra cotta? Prey tell us more? I've never seen one, (I don't think)??

I had an indescribable creche from Italy I bought from a wholesale dealer in Rouen. He got from a convent in Normandie and it was white 'terracuite.' I have to find old snapshots o fit-12 perfect figurines-they were ~24" tall each. I sold it to a local pastor in NY.

Wow, It sounds beautiful, I'd love to see it. :) 


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