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I bought this a few months ago and am stuck on it's origin and value. There is an impressed mark but it's too heavily glazed to ID. I am guessing it's Capodimonte but it's not an area i am well versed in. Any info would be gladly received. It's a magnificent decadent piece of porcelain. I know it is a scene from Faust

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It's hard paste porcelain, not faience or terracotta. I'm thinking German, Austrian or French. May send some images off to one of the auction houses but i doubt i will get a response, it's below the level of quality that any of the London auction rooms would look at

I agree, most are a bit snooty, when it comes to auction houses, ugg. Still it is a "Monumental Show piece, Jardiniere" or similar. Where did you find it?

Do you think it may be a special order/commissioned piece, perhaps for a theatre?

Simone, the painting, on the scene(s), what is your opinion on that? Underglaze, cold paint?. The more I look, the more I think French Faience??

Or.. could it be polychrome?

Underglaze i’m Pretty sure, it’d Be more chipped if it was faience. I’m pretty sure it’s porcelain


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