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I have 2 Nitto Overtones Flores pattern mugs. I'm curious about the history of this company. I've googled Nitto to no end and cannot find anything except that says the status of the Nitto Overtones Flores pattern is unknown. I'm curious as to when they were made and if they've been discontinued. 

Is Nitto the company name or is it something else? Are they still manufacturing? 

Can any one provide me with some info or a link to a website about Nitto? 



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You didn't post a picture, but has your item.  Nitto is the maker. Overtones describes parts of the pattern. Flores is Spanish for "flowers" which is the pattern name. Made in Japan.

Your mugs are not shown but most Nitto products they have average $10-15 each.

Thanks for the reply. Do you know of any resources (websites) to learn more about the maker? I was curious as to when they started production and if they're still in business. 

Here's a pic. of the mugs I have. I do not have the saucer, just the mugs. 

Nitto  is a Japanese conglomerate with operations in China as well. There are TEN + pages of information about them in Google.  Have fun.


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