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Hi, I have over 100 pieces of jewelry. Most are from my mother (who is 93) or my mothers mother. She is interested in selling and I'm having a hard time finding someone local to give me ideas on value. Any guidance would be appreciated. I have enclosed just a few pictures for you to have an idea. Thank you in advance. I will be adding several discussions so I can show different pictures

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okay, thanks

If you go to the "image" (first pic above this post area, I hope) you can simply press the button and transfer your photos right to this bigger area. If your on a cell phone, I'm not sure how that works. We do have a help page for posting photos as well. 

I don't see 6 pics either. You probably didn't click "Add reply".

It looks like a 1950's rhinestone piece, unfortunately, your not showing the entire piece. We will need both front and back, and a close up of any signature or marking, and photo's of any damage. All those things matter.

Are you looking to sell, or do you just need a value for insurance?

I'm looking to sell but I would like to know the value so my mom gets the money she deserves for it. I had an antique dealer say they aren't worth anything and offered me $50 for all of it, over $100 pieces!

unfortunately that could be the case, or maybe there is a piece in the lot that worth a lot more than that

Yeah, that's a bunch of BS! It's disheartening when I hear things like that. The values I'm giving you are a "Retail or Fair market value". You must expect to get about half of that if your going to sell in large lots, or all at once to a dealer. ( not some crook, like whomever you spoke with!)  If you want to piece stuff out, you will get more, but it's a lot more work!

You can also sell them yourself online, or you can consign them, either to an antique dealer like myself (make sure you get a signed contract with exact terms, and no nonsense). Or to someone like Biker Bonnie - she sells for another lady on commission. Most consignment sellers charge about 30 - 35% plus listing fees or fees for selling (in an antiques mall, like I do). We get hit for each item we sell, so we have to cover those costs too. 

I'm happy to help you valuate your items, once you figure out photos! :) 

PS - I am a certified appraiser. :)

That would be amazing, thank you so much! I will take pictures this weekend.

I'm looking forward to seeing your treasures!

vicki, I am interested in selling this old piece, marked 925 and italy, any ideas?

Bonnie, This isn't that old. It's half "Vermeil" - ie gold plate over sterling. The other half is sterling silver, of course. The stones are either rhinestones or very slight chance at CZ.s. 

I'd guess the age somewhere between late 1970's and early 1990's. Lots of these type bracelets and necklaces were sold everywhere including on TV! Check carefully that you don't have a designer stamp anywhere, from QVC or HSN. Both had quite a few decent designers that people still collect. So if you've got a stamp, these will go for more $

Otherwise, you've got a vintage, mixed sterling and vermeil bracelet with paste (rhinestones/glass) stones. Nothing is missing is it? 

I'd recommend you try not using flash when photographing jewelry. If you have a good spot with natural light, or really bright (kitchen led or bright lite area). that is far better to see the details. :)

thank you for taking the time, much appreciated!


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