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can anyone  tell me if they are  part of a chess set or not  and history of the item not find anything about the on the internet at all   they come in the box and with  slides with them  of each item does anybody have any idea what they are used for or anything at all  

they look very rare items challenge anyone to find these on internet  because you wont 

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Rose, a quick way to post pics. Find your pic, rt click Copy Image, return here, rt click Paste.

It took 20 seconds to rt click on your Avatar, Copy Image, return here, click Paste, click Paste, click Paste, click Paste...


Now it's your turn. Find YOUR picture of the unboxed beasts, rt click Copy. Return here, click Paste.

he they are

 Sorry, but I do not see anything...

here they are unboxed 


here they are queen beasts 


Hi Rose

The photo is incredibly blurry, out of focus and does not show all the pieces.

From what little I can see, your pieces do not appear to have any pedestals which they are commonly depicted to sit upon.  The many sets of these I've found online have either a short green pedestal or a taller white and gold one.

The white and gold (Minton Set) does fetch quite a nice price on many of the websites, whereas the green (James Wooford Set) goes for less.  However, yours appears to have neither.  Does it look as though there once was something underneath the figures which has been removed or lost over time?  Visually, your set does not appear to belong to either of the two sets I've mentioned as the colour scheme appears different from yours to either of theirs.

Again...  need better pictures.  You really must check the photos before attaching them for upload.  These are simply too blurry and over exposed to be all that useful I'm afraid.  You need to have less light shining on them as the white figurines lose all of their details when too much light in shone upon them for photography.

Minton Set = $3000-$4000 on 5Nov2014


James Woodford Set - Sold on eBay for £43.12 on 26Feb2018


And, please, how tall are they?

Rose, you have two conversations going, one here in Discussions and another in the Comment Wall on your recent posts.

Rose, you have two conversations going, one here in Discussions and another in the Comment Wall on your recent posts.


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