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can anyone  tell me if they are  part of a chess set or not  and history of the item not find anything about the on the internet at all   they come in the box and with  slides with them  of each item does anybody have any idea what they are used for or anything at all  

they look very rare items challenge anyone to find these on internet  because you wont 

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We have already told you about the figurines in the box.  The history, the meaning and several examples.  People have asked you to take them out of the box to help you identify them more specifically to maker and age.... but, you never returned our messages.  I am not sure what is going on in your world, but I do know that the members have made themselves available to help you.  You need to respond to questions....if you want answers.

ok sorry will do  this weekend 

Type in Queens Beasts in the search bar above and read over the lengthy discussion you started on September 29th, 2018.

you go girl, Katherina!


Image result for set of the Queens Beasts FIGURINES

And here is another interpretation of the same.  However, I asked if Rose would take a picture of them out of the box, and tell us how tall they were so we could identify the specific maker and or time period they came from.  But, we never got that far.

Hi Rose.

I'm assuming you may have been away from your computer and did not get to check your original post an it had moved too far along in the menu for you to notice but there were numerous replies to your original post on these items.

Link to your original post and subsequent replies.

They are not chess pieces, just a collection of 10 figurines.

yes been away form pc 

thanks for the feedback and pics 

That's ok, for future reference, on the whadja find today discussion page, there is a small blue text link at the bottom, but above the Comment Wall section, which says "View All" in Blue.  Clicking on that will open up a list of the posts made, but also at the bottom it will have page numbers inside blue boxes, these are also clickable and will take to to all the older posts which have been pushed off of the first page so you can go back and check on them.  That way you can continue replying and posting into the same original post and not create a new one for the same item(s).

Whenever anyone adds or replies to a post in your article, your entire article is returned to the first page. They are ordered by most recent activity, not how long ago they were posted.

here is a picture out of the box for you

Hi Rose

No new images have appeared on either of your last two posts.  You said they would be pictures of the beasts unboxed, but the beasts have run away.

Also, during all of this, you've not once mentioned what the slides are of.  Are they even related to the beasts, or were they simply stored in the box because they fitted there.  I realise that if you haven't had experience with turning slides into computer files it can be tricky to send us a photo of what the slide image is, but you could check them out still.

If you don't have a slide scanning, and don't already have these slides available as computer files, one way to photograph a slide is to place it on a white piece of fairly standard thin paper, shine a torch light behind the paper beneath the slide to illuminate the image on the slide, then take a very sharp focus photo of the slide as close up to the slide as you can so the image of the slide fills the entire visual area of the photo you are taking.


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