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I picked up a picture yesterday. The picture itself measures 26" by 33". I am not sure if this is a print or a watercolor painting and I can not make out the signature. It appears to be professionally framed. Any help on the artist would be appreciated and info on how to determine if it is a print or painting. Thanks.

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I think you need more pictures.  Something that others can look at and try to see the distinctions in the medium, etc.  A distant view of a picture in a frame is a little nebulous...

If you could get the signature any clearer or darker that would help, too.  IMHO

I have no idea I'm afraid.  The photos you've supplied are not close enough to check for print vs paint, or some other medium.  I've used your signature image and darkened it, but cannot read it well enough. Kind of looks like Joút Ceïref, but that returns no results.

Below is a crop and straighten from your photo, to me it also appears there is quite a bit of reflection in the top right section of the image.  When you resupply the photo, minimise all reflections and glare.

If you are able to view the picture through a magnifying glass, or even take a very close up macro photograph of the picture, and if the picture is indeed a print, then you should see one of the below pattern options.  If one of these patterns do not appear then it is a real painting/drawing and not a print.

Moire Effect

Diffusion Patterns

Thank you Michael, with a magnifier I see it is a print. And thank you and Molly for looking at the signature. I have taken over a dozen photos of the signature from different angles and lighting and none of the photos look any better. Thanks again.

No problem, once you learn how to identify a print, you can always identify a print.  By checking the signatures, you can then tell if the signature itself is a part of the print or added to the print afterwards by the artist.

Yeah, the signature is printed too.

The last name could be Caine or Cline, maybe Jay T., but nobody comes up.  Lots of Cline artists.

Just because it's a print doesn't mean it's not valuable. Identify it if possible before you price it.

Yup, this is another search that is added to my list of ongoing searches. I bought the print because I liked the print so I will be keeping it for awhile.



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