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I picked up this over the weekend. When I move my hand over the drawing I feel the lines, which makes me think that isn't a copy, but an original drawing. Can't seem to find anything about the artist.

Anyone know who Hughes may be ?

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Al Rosen was from the 1950s . I would take and show this to a baseball collectbles persson

It does look like an original drawing. I tried to blow it up and don't see the telltale dot pattern of a print. Also Al Rosen was MVP in 1953 so I would assume the drawing was created in 1954 since it says "last years most valuable player...". 

Your pictures are very clear but they don't show size, nor did you provide dimensions.  It looks like an Illustration for a magazine.  Without a hands-on exam I can't say if it's an original or print. From what you say it "sounds like" an original graphite or pen and ink drawing.

The design at the end of HUGHES name is a G, for George Hughes.  He was an Illustrator for the Saturday Evening Post and many other magazines. His bio follows in the link.

I had an original illustration by a well known artist; I sold it for $1,200. USD. Yours is "in the ballpark" pun intended...

I'll measure it tonight and get back to you.

Lloyd would be very hard to tell an original from a print online. Take to an expert . Many times they used paper that gave the effect of a real drawing . 


What kind of expert should I be looking to find ?

Lloyd a person who deals in sports art . 

Derek Grady

VP - Heritage Sports Auctions
1-877-HERITAGE (437-4824)  x1975
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Heritage has no interest in this :(

Did they give you any advice?

The gave me the name of an online auction house(, but they also had no interest in this item.

The drawing measures 8"x 10"

You mention that the two places had no interest in the item.  Do you mean that they were not interested in buying/auctioning it?  They probably are not desiring to go "out on a limb" and decide if it is a print or an original from just seeing a pic of it.  Perhaps they, or someone else, will know of someone in your geographic region who could actually examine the piece.  However, that might cost money for the expert to examine it - especially if you would want a written response. If there are sports/paper/ephemera type shows in your area, you might take it there and get the thoughts of dealers who might be interested in purchasing it if it is for sale.


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