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I am a new kid on the block, so to speak.  I found a print or a poster by a french

artist named Paul Cezanne. It is entitled "Kitchen Table."  I can't make out where

it is an authentic print or poster.


James Jones

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That is neither. It is a museum poster to advertise an upcoming exhibition of his work. These museum exhibit posters don't usually have value, but some might.

tks Jeff.  You say "some might." but not this one?



You'd have to research it, but frankly I wouldn't put the time into it myself. I didn't want to say that museum posters never have value, because there are certain conditions under which they could have value.

So when could a museum poster have value? If it was a ground-breaking exhibition, and an original poster from many years ago. So an original poster from the 1960's with the work of Andy Warhol, the first time he had an exhibit in a major museum would be the kind of thing I think might have value, especially if the artist was involved in designing the poster. Even that would require research to see what its value was.

This looks like a recent mass produced poster long after there was any question that Cezanne was a major artist. These days museums print these out and sell them at the museum store when they have an new exhibition, not to advertise the show but for patrons to buy to put on their walls as decoration. So I think the possibility of this Cezanne poster having any more than decorator value is really minimal.

Ok. thanks Jeff for your response!




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