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Inherited this ugly piece of pottery which seems to be hand-painted and signed. Can anyone tell me if this is worth keeping? throwing away? or selling?  Ugliest piece in the house!

Appreciate any advice! AK Scofield (FL)

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Well, as they say there is no accounting for taste, LOL

Your's is an Italian art pottery candy box, mid century. Probably made between 1960 and the 1980's. Theses pieces are common and often found all over. They do not sell for much. But some folks do love them.

Maybe donate to a veterans charity or similar if you don't wish to keep it. Also, you can check ebay, etsy or other online sellers to see what these are selling for these days. 

Thanks so much! Vicki! I appreciate the info and your taking the time to let me know.

Off to Goodwill ASAP! (LOL) Renew & refresh! AK Scofield - FL

not worth much but someone would like this for sure 

Thanks for your response, Fred. Maybe the local church thrift store will get a dime for it! And someone may enjoy it, as you say ...... Be well! AK Scofield

The "F over F" mark tells me your bowl was produced by FRATELLI  FANCIULLACCI (The Fanciullacci Brothers) of Montelupo Florentine. The company was created in 1862 and and closed in 1988. They produced various products ranging from common kitchenware to vases and decorative wares. Values and collectibility are usually at the low end of the scale. Vicki has properly dated the container.


Thank you Walter - So nice to know there are such knowledgeable people willing to share their insight generously! With all the info that has been given here, I've even been able to put my finger on just how it came to be here at my house (as I seem to be the only family member that appreciates 'old stuff' and have inherited many random pieces from various sides of the family!)

This must have been a souvenir from a great-aunt in law that made a trip to Rome! Spring cleaning also turned up a box that was printed inside identifying "Vatican jewelry."  Too bad it was just the box, and not the jewelry! LOL

Thank you all!

I believe your item is the Raffaellesco Style by Fratelli Fanciullacci, Italian for The Fanciullacci Brothers.  Although I don't know much about their works specifically, there is a lot of this style item on Google Images and probably a lot about them also.

Google Images

I just added my reply and upon the page update, I see Walter beat me to it and knows more about their history than I do.

AK, at least we've both learnt some more information now than before. Cheers

Thank you, Michael for generously sharing your knowledge! I've learned more than I expected, as you can see by my note to Walter. This is why Florida is famous for yard sales - relatives clean out elder's homes when they pass, unsure of what might be of value, they pass it along to a relative and let them (me, in this case) try to figure it out!

I was really in the dark on this one, and greatly relieved to be relieved of the responsibility of being it's custodian! Cheers to you!

It is gratifying to hear from you how appreciative you are for what answers we can supply.  For many of us here, we do this to help others with their mysterious objects and enjoy the hunt for the sometimes elusive answers.

Sometimes we can identify things at a glance, other times, we remain left in the dark.  I am pleased to have been able to help in this instance.

Reminds me of Deruta, which I have had, and may still have some pieces


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