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I have tried like crazy to find out the maker of these dishes. We got them in a storage auction. There were lots of fine china sets. herend, dynasty, and a few others. any help would be great.


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added the photos wrong now easier to see

These also look to be of German or Austrian origin. They are hand painted and attractive. But you probably won't find the exact maker. It's next to impossible to do so, there were hundreds of porcelian manufacturers in Germany for centuries. These look to be early 20th c. though.

I agree 100% with Vicki's assessment. Quite pretty.

thank you! that helps narrow it down. I will sort through some more pics online and maybe ill get lucky.

Those trees look like fig trees, suspect they were made in the Middle East, Egypt, Persia, Turkey?  Hard to say.  Mid-late, 20th Century for export.

Or North African desert palms...like on  the link (Libya, Morocco).


ah it does look like the same tree. the plate on the left has a roman or greek structure in the pic. there are a few different motifs in the set. the other painted leaf on the plate is a fern. north africa would work as there was a lot of stuff from morocco and egypt. thanks for the help


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