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Please look on the comment well. I mistakenly posted a new discussion there. It is regarding another unique pendant. I hate to waste space by recapping and re-posting..

 Unfortunately, I posted the information for this new discussion on the comment board. Please refer there and respond in this area...if you are interested in responding. I did not wish to waste space on the site by posting twice for the same item. Your responses on my Egyptian pendant have been amazing so I know we have at least a few jewelry lovers, like myself. Again, this is a piece I truly enjoy and is not for sale in any way...for any price.

Thanks again,


( please do not start looking for information on the Egyptian pendant if you are inclined to help find the maker. This is just another of my collection that truly interests me.)

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I have included a pictire of your Ram's Head Pendant (shown above for the convenince of comprative viewing).  It is slightly different to the Ram's Head Pendant I found online (shown below). Note the length of the horns on yours is slightly longer, curling around the ears more.  These are similar enough designs though to assume one could have inspired the other.

Ram's Head ~ Gold Plated Sterling Silver Large Pendant - Greek Jewe...

Ram's Head ~ Gold Plated Sterling Silver Large Pendant - Greek Jewelry at CultureTaste

I’m betting this is the reproduction I gave the jeweler mine to scan for and he used cheaper materials.  Interesting!  Was this found in Alaska?

I've no idea where this company is based.

Their website doesn't seem to give any location details, base of operations, nor head office information, unless I simply missed seeing it somewhere on there.

Not sure what recapping and re-posting means.  You now have two (2) posts going for the same item. Very confusing, remarks in both places. Questions asked don't get answered.  If re-posting this means twice then you win the booby prize.  Just look at all the wasted space.

It's fairly simple. Discussions are used to identify and evaluate stuff.  Comment Wall is for day-to-day stuff, NOT ID/Evaluating.

One item per post.  You can have as many posts as you need.  Each post needs full explanations, dimensions, provenance, etc.


Moving a post form the Comment Wall to the Discussion Board is simple enough, simply select the entire post from beginning to end, all text and imagery in one selection, then COPY that, start a new discussion and PASTE it all into the box, it should all appear there now as a new post, Click ADD REPLY.

Then go back to the Comment Wall and delete the post made there by clicking on the X in the top right hand corner of your post.


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