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  I have this baseball signed in original box.   I have no idea whose signature it is . Can you help please?

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I can't make it (signature) out either. Looks like "Gregg" but most first names are spelled with one g. Two g's usually is the surname.  Maybe George?  I checked players named George and there are over 10 pages with 50 names on each page.

President of National League, White, served from 1989-1994. His name is stamped on the ball. I note it says "Costa Rica" under Rawlings' name.  Maybe he played there, or maybe ball was made there.

Unused mint balls with box are listed for $19.99.

If selling the ball on an  auction start it at $19.95 and see what happens. If two people recognize the signature they will bid it up.  Good luck.

Looks like Gregg Jefferies to me.

He played mostly for the Mets, followed by KC and the Cardinals.

Way to go guys, it is Gregg Jefferies. Ebay "solds" are disappointing. 2 sold for $.99 each, several sold for $9.00, a few around $14-16 and a couple were around $20.  None that I saw were MIB (Mint in box) which yours is which could double its value.  Jefferies' career was up and down, his overall careeer Batting Avg was .289.  He was traded in and out of the minor leagues.

Thank you all I think it is Jefferies. Thanks


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