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Please help me identify this item! It's driving everyone nuts trying to figure it out!

Here is a picture of an item that has been unidentifiable.  It is 6 3/4" high, 6 5/8" long, 2 1/2" deep.  When you pull on the finger levers it opens.  There are no markings and it's made of metal.  Can anyone identify?


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what do you mean "opens"?  Can you take a pic of it when it's "open"?

On do they just raise upwards?  If so, I'd GUESS that it's for cooking poached eggs, two at a time.  Insert in boiling water, when done, raise them, dump them, eat-um up.

Maybe a self cleaning bird feeder?

Just guessing.  Maybe somebody knows.

Thank you Tom.  I did have another pic on the attachment showing it opening.  Michael verified it was an egg poacher.  You guys were such a huge help.  This has been a thorn in my side for quite awhile and you've solved the issue!

could it be for heating wax and pouring for candles?

not for heating wax...thanks for your help though.

I agree with Tom that it is an Egg Poacher.  Here is example of a different styled version.

Thank you so much Michael.  I've been searching and searching for weeks!!!  Now I can rest my brain and again!

Carole, my curiosity has "gotten the better of me".  I have seen two pics,  taken from different angles but basically they look the same.  Would you please share the pic of the one that shows it open - or if one of these is the pic of it open, please explain what is different in its looks.  Thank you. :-)

Hi Betty

If you click on my link of the Double Egg Poacher from my previous reply, you'd see a pic of it open in there.  No matter, I've copied and pasted in below for you.  The spring loaded handle, does not lift the poaching bays out of the water, you simply lift the entire item to do that, the spring loaded handle releases the poached eggs to fall gently on the plate.

Thank you.  I clicked on the attachment in your first message and did not notice the link in your other message.  Have a great day! (or evening, depending on where you are located and when you are reading this.)   :-)

So sorry Betty, I thought I attached a picture of it opened yesterday but, I guess I still don't know how to use this site, as I do not see my picture. Michael , Thank you for replying to Betty.


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