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Came in to our seniors group and after 2 days of digging I'm no closer to answers.  I'll place a lot of photos in case someone can shed some light on what it is , where it may have come from and its age.  The glass seems to be cut  without mold marks.  Vertical cuts on the sides and a starburst on the bottom.  

A special thanks to Tom, Vicki and mike for help in the past.

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Gee, thanks for the compliments. Hope you don't hate me.

Your glass inserts are molded. The starburst is common to molded glass.  You have a celluloid double votive candle holder. Celluloid was the first plastic like material invented and used, circa late 1800s but still used today. It is not plastic which  is made of petroleum. Celluloid is made from plant cells, hence it's name. With age it becomes very brittle and fragile and the slightest touch will cause it to crumble.

Small, votive-sized candles were made of beeswax and used in prayer offerings in various churches. Yours was meant to be used in a home service. I would guess yours is from the first half of the 20th Century, 1920s-50s.

Tom.... you're amazing! Thanks for the help. We were fortunate to have stumbled upon this group and all the help that they offer.


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