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Pin and Necklace - Handcrafted - Old - Genre and/or Origin Country or Region?

I have run out of ideas to locate a similar looking piece.   Been from Southwestern USA to tip of South America and through the Middle East and North Africa and cannot pin it down.  Tried "nomadic", "Berber", tribal etc .. puzzled.

I have acid tested the silver and it well over 500 and more like 800 fine.  The "jewels" are not fil backed.   The crescents made me focus on Turkey … but no joy finding anything similar.  If "street vendor" or souk souvenir it has a lot of detail and silver in it.   An enigma!

If someone recognizes the genre or area of the world it may have originated from please reply .. thank you … Zeke

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Thanks.   I may just show her this and solicit her take.    Z

UPDATE:   Sold on eBay for $350 asking price same day it was listed.   Hope I don't see it on Antiques Roadshow!   Thanks all for the great discussion .. Zeke

Yeah! I hope so too, LOL! When something sells that quick it certainly can give us something to worry about. Oh well, you did very well, in any case!


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