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Pin and Necklace - Handcrafted - Old - Genre and/or Origin Country or Region?

I have run out of ideas to locate a similar looking piece.   Been from Southwestern USA to tip of South America and through the Middle East and North Africa and cannot pin it down.  Tried "nomadic", "Berber", tribal etc .. puzzled.

I have acid tested the silver and it well over 500 and more like 800 fine.  The "jewels" are not fil backed.   The crescents made me focus on Turkey … but no joy finding anything similar.  If "street vendor" or souk souvenir it has a lot of detail and silver in it.   An enigma!

If someone recognizes the genre or area of the world it may have originated from please reply .. thank you … Zeke

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I keep coming back to Kuchi and Banjara tribes in India.  I think the two most distinguishing features are the flat surface the stones are set in and the spiraled hangers on the round balls.  Definitely hand-fashioned.  The asymmetrical use of colors looks like this group(s), as well....to me, anyway.  Maybe it was an apprentice piece of someone studying from one of the masters that make similar, but much more finished and beautiful, pieces?

Why thank you for the direction here, something I can look further into.    While this is hardly “fine” jewelry it is very well done, as in “made to last”.    Even the figure 8 links are fascinating in the chain.   No idea how it was worn, must have been sort of a big necklace with another chain to form the necklace.   India.   Hmmm.  There were a few Tibetan items in the estate holdings.    She got stuff from every corner and she loved the handcrafted street vendor level items more than anything.   Thanks again.   Zeke. 

Molly, haven’t totally convinced me yet, but!   The wee dangles, balls hanging down.   Middle East is my gut feeling.   Problem is most of what pops up is new fine high quality stuff.   As an antique silver dealer she had some items several hundred years old.    This is tough.    I could see a SW Native American sitting in a blanket offering handmade itemswhivh might look like this.   

Totally open minded new, until I can nail it.   Thanks.     Will post a photo of the backside of this in a bit.   Zeke

I love them!   I do not claim to know the answer, it is merely a feeling.  What an awesome find, regardless.

I am just saying....from my gut?  Those spiral dangles are what are most unique.  

The figure 8 chain is somewhat unique also.   As I am liquidating the remnants of a huge estate, I am down to the items the large auction places didnt want .. this being one item.  The lady was a silver dealer in the 1960s and 1970s in New York.   She held a fair number of OTTOMAN items, including coins antiquities of unknown origin or provenance.   This will be for sale on eBay as soon as I can nail it down .. not before .. so my quest continues.   Thanks for your willingness to offer your opinion . that helps .. Zeke

My guess is that it's a belly chain custom made of low grade sterling silver (.800) which was/is used in several countries in Europe and Eur-Asia. Germany, Greece and Turkey come to mind. I believe it was worn over the belly and hung down over the pubic area. It was attached in back to the belt of the dress. The single pin could have been pinned elsewhere. The blue stones look like turquoise and may have come from Persia. The other stones look like semi-precious gems but without closeup pics I can't tell. Or they could be paste.

Do you have any coin necklaces for belly dancers? I'd like to see some pics if you do.

Tom, somehow this feels dead on!   I did try using “gypsy” in my searching and skirted the genre but never thought about belly dancing etc.    I will dig out a photo I have elsewhere of a coin belt I sold over a year ago.    Don’t have it on my iPad.    Thank you for the direction here.  This fits perfectly and narrows it a lot from “everywhere” or “anywhere”.   Zeke

Re: Coin necklace .. sold this one a year or so ago .. not great .. but here it is .. Zeke

Can I ask how much you sold it (coin necklace) for?  And do you have any others?

I just read your most recent post about the gems. Can you take some close-up pics? Maybe we can ID them. 

BTW, Persian turquoise is the most expensive and highest quality in the world. It is the bluest blue w/o any occlusions or anomalies. And they don't have to be perfectly cut or round either.


Hi Zeke, Just a guess, but how about Israel? These pieces look like vintage Israeli Metal arts to me. I don't think they are terribly old, maybe 1940 to 1960's - ish?


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