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OK< I'm stumped on this one-glass pig bottle with pull cork-comical wine decanter?

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Well, are you certain it's a pig? It might be a type of dog?

The style looks like Italian hand blown to me. I'm not at all sure on age. I can't see the plug in the nose very well. How old do you suppose it is?

I thought pig-dog like they say to foreign prisoners in movies. I go think a boar but we do have a high end modern 3-d art gallery in town, The Laughing Dog Gallery which it might be from. Age is 1960s max, maybe newer.

Thanks Vicki,


Sounds exactly right! and I think a boar makes good sense also. The ridged back I suppose leads you right to that critter over others! But "pig" didn't seem to fit, lol

Is the rump a wee bit large and the nose/snout a wee bit long for a dog?

I  think it's a pig  too. There is a little known breed of dogs, the Rhodesian Ridgebacks that have a scruffy back like your pig, but their other features don't match. My uncle, who was Mayor of San Bernadino, CA imported the first two "Rhodies" in the eaarly 1950s. The hair along the back bone grows forward.

I found this glass pig; says it's "English early 19th Century hand blown...".  It has same cork stopper with ring, curly tail and clear glass as yours.  I disagree on the age.  I don't believe that glass tubing was invented "in the early 19th Century"(1800-1850). They probably meant early 20th Century, but I'd guess mid-20th or newer.

This was on Pinterest, and I couldn't find it and "Page" link didn't work.

Tom, you never fail to amaze. Ordering one Sherlock Holmes hat and pipe for you...reproduction though...

8-5/8 hat size;keep the pipe--I don't smoke anymore. Quit 1-2001.


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