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I have found very little information about my lamp. I believe it is slag? Lights in the base as well but I didn't have a bulb. It has Paul Harmon Lamp, Olney IL and a number 618-395-4114. Mom sez vintage but not antique. Any information?

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Thanks for the info. Mom had said vintage because of the phone number. She believed 1968 or later. End of the trail. Great.
Little ole' Olney, Ill the home of the white not albino squirrel's. Olney is 1 of the centers of the reproduction curved glass china cabinets world, almost their is a couple of large wholesalers their, lawless, & Thomas, and lots of small shops around that make items, or import items. I have rolled down there over the last 35+ years,

I agree vintage some thing in the last 30 years
Craig Phillips
B & C Emporium
Which company sells the reproduction curved glass china cabinets? I use them for displays in my retail store. Thanks so much for mentioning that.
Both D. Lawless wholesale, east end of town, Thomas outlet, west end of town, both should have what you want from the cheapy to the full dressed with mirrors and leaded glass
Craig Phillips
B & C Emporium
Thanks so much for the information!
I saw those white squirills when I was searching on google. Cool. Never could find out anything on Paul Harmon Lamp company. It is a very heavy lamp! i'll look up some of those companies. Thanks Craig
Paul Harmon Lamp was prob a whole sale company not to much gets written up about them and it might have been like a pen name for some one else
Thanks for eveyones input. EJ
When I researched that particular telephone numbers it is associated with a company called TNB Treasures in Olney. The company has only been around since 1999 (eleven years old) and supplies hundreds of inexpensive home decor products and novelty items. Here is their website link



My grandfather opened Harmon's Lamp Manufacturing and closed in 1982. My father opened his business Antique Lamp Designs in 1992 and closed in 2000.

Do you know when your grandfather opened his business? Based on the phone number the lamp was from 1968 or after. Closing in 1982 put this new company taking over the phone number about 17 years later, according to Walters research.

Hello, I'm Tiffany Harmon. Paul Harmon is my grandfather, & if you have any specific questions about any of his lamps, I'm willing to answer.


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