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Hi everyone, I'm seeking the pattern identification for this gravy boat. I've searched the internet and can't seem to find anything with this pattern. Any ideas?

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Although it is a little hard to see if it is identical because your photo is a little out of focus....I actually poured over many pages of patterns and the description of this one says:

Blue Ribbon

Pink Roses

Scalloped edges and 

Gold trim

I hope it helps.

Thanks a bunch Molly. I too, checked out replacements however the pattern is slightly different in the number of roses and their placement. The plate on replacements is showing double roses in some places and not much greenery, whereas mine has single roses and more greenery in the vine. 

Thank you once again for sharing. 

The mark began in 1913 and continues to the present. The shape is "English Chippendale". The designs are hand-painted and there are many; I cannot locate this one.  Gravy boats alone sell for around $20. USD, with a tray I'd estimate $35-50. Chips, fractures, etc. devalue.

Suggest you google, Johnson Bros "English Chippendale" gravy boat. Click "Images", maybe you can find yours.

Image result for Johnson Bros shapes of gravy boats

Tom?  I am not sure where you came up with your idea, but it does not make sense?  The English Chippendale is the name of a pattern manufactured by Johnson Bros, like above.  The shape of the gravy boat itself is not the same at all.  Yours sits on feet, it is rounded, whereas the piece in question has a sharp edge midline, and the handle is totally different?  Just sayin...and he does seem to be more interested in the name of the pattern.


I agree.. the handle is different and other parts as well.

Molly? Your example has the wrong handle. If you count the waves (scalloped edges) on your example there are three, but on the OP there are five.

I don't have an "idea".  I was repeating what I read.

I was merely showing an example of the English Chippendale pattern you had proposed.  I, too, was just writing what I was looking at...explaining why it did not make sense as a match to the OP. 

I did not offer an example of a gravy boat...I was trying to help him identify the pattern.  I thought that was what he was inquiring about.

Regardless, it appears he located the shape of the item himself.  

Thanks Tom, but mine has several differences.

So, of all the patterns l was able to see, the sample I provided above is the closest thing to your pattern I could find.  Does it seem like a possible match?

This one is very close but the site makes no reference to the pattern or style.


I agree, that may be the exact design...but the pattern JB781?  Do you see your pattern being a match?  I cannot seem to locate it anywhere else yet.

No I have not been able to find an exact match for my pattern.  

Oh well... :-)


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