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Amongst the many old relics I am liquidating is this well used and perhaps once cherished old item which was tagged by the owner and a Palestinian Milk Pail!?    I was most impressed about the joining of the bottom to the the pail structure, a hammer welded dovetail technique.  Wow.  

This is beat up worse than Willie Nelson’s guitar!

Any remarks or comments appreciated.   Zeke

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I don't think it's beat up, just beat out. Hand-hammered from inside using special hammers. This forms the vessel. When done with fine silver the bumps are polished out. With silver it's called Martele'.

Can you tell what metal it is?

Tom, I am glad you asked me about the metal.  Darn if I don’t think it is copper!   And now that I look it over better, what appears to be a dinged side is not that!  Both side are flattened!   That may actually have served a purpose, milking a goat, so it is easier to,hold between ones legs!   I have hand milked a lot of Holsteins back when and the round pail could have benefited from these flats. 

I just grabbed the little bugger and brought it up to the living room here.  Have a look at this surface.  Clearly has been hammered and hammered to shape it.   And check out the inside of the cover.   It is all very primitive looking.  

The closer I look the more I see.   I looked into the jug and saw that the jug itself is two pieces.   There is a seam around it about half way down!    The inside right now doesn’t look like anything one would want to put milk in!    Like a lead powder or the brass or copper tarnish form who knows how many years accumulation.   

I’d start to clean it up but it really appears to be old.  And I would hate to destroy it by messing with it.   So I will leave it be.  

Any further comments or insights truly appreciated.   Zeke

I need to remind myself here, this jug is so small it seems unlikely anyone milked into it!   Maybe goats!   But it really doubt it.  So why the flats in it?   Just so it won’t roll away?    Looks nicer?    Hmmmm.    I don’t know.  Zeke

You need to fill  it with water and then measure the amount (in ounces) that it holds. Your tape measure needs to show height too.  I think it's probably for a goat.  It looks like copper to me too.

Is it possible that it is flattened on the sides so one would put it into as crate or line them up on a shelf?

It could very well be that Paula.   In fact my wife had suggested that.   This thing is an enigma.   Still not sure about the materials (plural intended) and perhaps modifications by lesser skilled persons well after the thing was first made.  It looks like it is lead lined!   It may be old tin but it appears as lead!  Until I understand it much better I will not sell it.   Zeke

Hello Mr. Zeke,

   Usually, Brass or Copper pots or containers (either Foreign Made or just Antique) that were made either to cook in or hold Food or beverages- had to be lined with tin ( not lead), as the milk or water or even wine -would leach poisons from the copper and milk would turn bad and make the people sick or worse. Before times of refrigeration. ---Nice Find---God Bless,--- Charlie


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