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I was wondering a few things:

1.  What kinds of wood is this made of, I was told birdseye maple, mahogany and pine?

2.  Are the dovetails hand made or machine made

3.  Possible value (was my dads, now mine, in same family since 1940)

Any help would be greatly appceciated, I have more pictures if needed.


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What is it?

One pic looks like a headboard for a bed, another a chest/drawers?

Pictures are too small to tell. Looks factory made. Drawer looks like Philippine Mahogany or cedar, can't tell.

Oh...my bad...new at this.  It is a complete twin bedroom set with 2 dressers.  I will try larger pictures...

From top left to right:  foot board, drawer, front panel of dresser, brass logo, small dresser, small dresser again and inside of drawer.



Kimber, your new pics are the same size, 100 x 100 pixels.  You need to increase it to around 425 x 425 pixels.

Also, when posting pics use the Light blue square icon (for images). Must click the icon for each picture.  When all pics are loaded click "Add Reply".


Boy, you'd think working in IT I would do better, will have to take with my "real" camera and not my not so smart phone...thanks.



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