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Found this book at a shop recently - looks to be of Orihon style in accordion. Inside are eight prints, I'm not sure of what type (gravure, etc. - I doubt it's woodblock or of moveable type printing). The prints and front text appear to be attached onto the paper through a glue or some similar process. No text appears other than in the front. The paper appears to be older, with a slightly larger gaps in-between the fibers. Please excuse my inexpertise...

While I know this is obviously a very difficult item to date or obtain an exact grasp of without handling it, I would appreciate information on this style of book and an idea on what it is (story, etc.). If there is an easy way to date this book or determine the style of print please let me know. Translation of the front would also be greatly appreciated! 

The book measures 9" tall and 6.5" long, and extends to 4'. Each print is approx. 7" long and 5" tall

I can provide more pictures if needed.

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The clothing, drawing style and architecture are very Chinese, although as Jeff mentioned, Japan does have a lot of similarities, these images are intended to depict Chinese people, in China within the Chinese storyline.

It's not so much that Japan has borrowed anything from China per se, more that Japan and China share a common ancestry so have those similarities in common already.  Japan and China were once one people, but split apart long ago, evolving their own identities into what we know as China and Japan today. The reasons offered up for the split are wide and varied.

That said, there are many items, such as the Orihon style of literature which have become most widely known as popularised by Japan who further developed the style, likewise the Japanese Kimono has its origins in the Chinese Hanfu.

Thanks in part to the war bringing Japan into mainstream focus for a long time, many items of Japanese culture have made there way into the mindset of the general public today, which is why people can often see Chinese items and think 'hmmm Japanese'.

Although I do know a bit about paper, being a graphic designer and printer by trade, I cannot identify the paper stock via the photos provided.


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