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I paid $5, for this lovely  dish, can anybody tell me anything about it? kind of pinkish fleshtone

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I have a round one, not marked. Research points towards Murano glass.  Yours is very pretty. I think the color is called pink opalescence.  No idea of age or value but certainly worth more than $5.

Your response is appreciated, Tom!

Came across similar today, "Duncan Miller" Opalescent

WTG, that looks just like my bowl, except mine has a hand-hammered aluminum carrier with lid by Rodney Kent. The bowl fits perfectly inside the carrier as well as the lid. The carrier alone is worth $80.+.  Guess mine isn't Murano, but Duncan & Miller is "elegant glass".  I don't have a pic of it.

It is very pretty Bonnie and I agree that it is Duncan Miller.  I have a Duncan Miller Opalescent 'Hat' which I bought 40 years ago in an antique store ($20 back then).   The glass is exactly the same opalescence and color.   I also just found your piece on in the blue opalescence color, out of stock and valued at 29.99 on  They called it a salad plate.   I also found others of your coloring on the internet.  The name and style of yours is SHELL SHAPED PLATE,OPALESCENT,MADE BY DUNCAN MILLER(1950)PATTERN,SANIBEL   Enjoy it!  (the picture is of my Duncan Miller Hat)

This type of glass is called opalescent glass and was made by many all over the world, Lalique in France, Murano & Venice in Italy, Bohemia/Austria/Czech as well as the U.S. I recently found a goblet like this which is white with a hint of blue and when held to the light glows a reddish color (I did post a photo of it on my page).

Wendy, the reddish glow is from gold oxide.   High quality white milk glass also glows red when held to the sunlight; is also from gold.

input, as always, appreciated


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