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I wonder if this old lamp has any value? A small piece of brass needs to be re-attached. The surface looks rough but is really smooth and has never been refinished. Lamp shade is one I have not seen before. Ed

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its a vintage table with lamp from the 1950's to 1960's they were even popular in the 70's if you  refurbished it you could get a nice price for it (especially if you know the wood like oak maple pine etc ) there may be markings on the very bottom of it .. people do still love these 

Thank you very much Katherina.  Ed

Style is "Early American" circa 1960s-1980s. Much of it came from NE USA, Vermont,Maine. Made of maple or hardrock maple.  Table has seen much use and abuse. Loss of acrylic and stain due to spillage from liquids. Could be sanded and re-stained.  "As is" value is minimal due to condition. The shade is appropriate to the era. You can buy replacement chain (get rid of the string-it's tacky).


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