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I've searched the internet for this lithograph money tin but can't find it anywhere, the subject matter may not be very appealing but the condition is rather nice and I would love to know what age it is and what, if any, value it has.

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Any marks besides "Suchard" on it, under it, on an edge?

If you Google "Suchard tin boxes" and click "Images" you'll find  many boxes like yours. I copied one that shows size.  This is why you should always post dimensions. Boxes and tins are made in Holland.


Hello Tom sorry the dimensions are 7 1/4 L x 3 1/4 W x 4 H in inches, I must have looked at several hundred tins from the 19th century to the present day, chocolate, biscuits, sweets, money tins and other than a vague idea that it must be 50's or earlier I'm no closer really. Thanks for helping Tom it's much appreciated.


I just noticed the keyhole...does it have a lock on it?  Do you have a key?

Another thing, the scene is that of a Swiss chalet which might indicate it held Swiss chocolate!  Yummy.  Made in Holland, exported to Switzerland maybe?

Yes Tom it's a lockable money box I don't have the key but should definitely have one that fits (I don't know how many hundreds of key's I've got!) I did think it had an Alpine lodge look, thanks again to you both.

Kind of close...Related image they just say 1950s toy...

It's certainly following a theme Molly I guess mine must have been a pretty short production run although as always rarity doesn't always mean value! Thanks once again for your help.

I am curious as to what the front looks like now...especially after viewing hundreds of shacks, houses, chalets, and the like.  Is there a chimney on yours?  Or is that something from the background?  I always enjoy a good challenge.

There's no chimney just a money slot and the lock has a 50's look to it


I'd guess a short, common, clock-winding key would open it. Most locksmiths can provide a key if you can't find one that fits. With a key included selling is much easier and increases the value too, if that's your intention.

Is the money slot home-made?  Rough, jagged edges?  If so it was done by previous owner. I suspect your box dates to around 1900 when chocolate, sugar, and spices-all  rare and expensive, were stored under lock and key.

Hi Christine, I think the slot is original Tom it looks perfectly cut and the edges have the same patina as the rest of the tin, at a guess most of them were probably used as piggy banks and got destroyed in the process, a child's fidgity fingers could soon make a real mess of it! Christine is yours a suchard tin?

I think it's an old tin that was used as a "piggy bank". The key hole is there to open it and get the money out. I have one similar to yours with a slot in it also.


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