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I have an old Ironrite Model 85 Ironer that has been in the basement for years. I've been told by my mother that it still works but I couldn't tell you for sure. I will try to attach some photos I took. Sorry I only took a photo of the label on it cause I was just going to look it up before I found this site. It's heavy and awkward and I am cleaning out the house, is this press worth anything. Thanks to all that reply.

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Well, it is to us linen collectors! Ironrite mangles are a favorite. But I don't know their actual cash value. I paid next to nothing for my mangle (a Horton, not an Ironrite) becasue the people just wanted it gone.

I'm sorry, that's not much help. But you might get lucky and just find the right person.
Here is a great site with good info found here: http://www.jitterbuzz.com/the_ironrite.html

I've found this item priced FREE for pick up...all the way up to $400.00. Vintage c1950's
eBay has one zero bids $50.00

(You may need to copy and paste links)

Goodwill had one for $10 with no takers in Dec.

Here is an instaaappraisal req in 1997;
www.instappraisal.com/node/1994+ironrite+model+85+ironer+history&am..." target="_blank">

Lots of info:http://www.google.com/search?q=ironrite+model+85+ironer+history&...

Ironrite Model 85 Mangle Iron
Date: 2009-07-24, 3:45PM EDT

Vintage 1950's Ironrite Model 85 mangle iron, also called a roller iron. In working condition. Free for picking it up.


Hope it helps
This info is posted on the jitterbuzz.com/the_ironrite.html page

Here are all the other patents that I have found.

* 1,607,387 2-May-1928 Original Design
* 1,918,502 18-Jul-1933 Knee Controls
* 2,027,486 7-May-1935 Cabinet
* D 112,453 6-Dec-1938 Health Chair Design
* 2,314,173 16-Mar-1943 Support
* 2,323,580 6-Jul-1943 Roll Cover
* 2,349,014 6-May-1944 Updated Design
* 2,372,270 27-Mar-1945 Ironing Shoe and Wiring
* 2,428,380 7-Oct-1947 Fuse
* 2,648,147 11-Aug-1953 Updated Design
* 2,688,199 7-Sep-1954 Updated Design
* 2,711,600 28-Jun-1957 Updated Design
* 2,777,223 15-Jan-1957 Updated Design
* 2,809,847 15-Oct-1957 Frame and Leveling Device
There was a discussion about one of these here on IAO just a few months ago. Try as I might, I can't find it now... it may have been deleted.
Anyway as I recall the bottom line was, depending on size, condition and location, the price ranged from 'current scrap value' to around $300.
However I see Oralei has found a price of $400, and as she is one of the best researchers I know, take that as the top end.
Thanks for all the help everyone. I may just take better pics and put my items on craigslist. I have no idea how much to ask for my salon chair but all the research on here has helped me a lot with the press. I actually thought about scrapping the press cause its so heavy, but one mans trash... Anyway thanks again.
I have an Ironrite that was working until a couple of days ago. I use it to iron tablecloths and napkins mostly.
The heating element has stopped working. Any chance you would be able to sell just that part? My cabinet is in much better condition than yours.


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