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Hi, could really use some help . I obtained an old grandfather clock and have no idea of its age, value, time period. I wo8ld greatly appreciate an7 heop from pictures . I haven't got it here yet so haven't any info on any marks brands etc.. which I will get when 9 pick up. It looks very old in my humble opinion. Weights seem larger then what I've seen in past. Greatly appreciate any help you can give . Has a face of a big beautiful moon on face This post only allows 3 pictures so couldn't send more but if there is a 3ay I'll send what I have John

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cabinet looks to be maple. weights are lead . Need information off the back of the movement and any information found on case 

American, pine carcass,,,,maybe 1800-1820s

Would you have any idea of value

The dial and probably the movement behind it, is late 18th to early 19th century. It may be English or American. There is probably a "false plate" connecting the dial to the movement, and this will likely have a name cast or punched into it, which will indicate the origin of at least the dial. There was probably also a signature on the dial, which may be visible under strong or black light.

Thank you Jerry for your reply I was thinking the carcas as one of your members said is pine 1820s. I'm excited I have no idea of value. Do you have a ballpark suggestion of value

Sadly, values are rock bottom these days. 


One I sold:


So, wholesale as is, 250-500, retail all done: 1100-1600. This is 1/2 of what they were 10+ years ago.

Thank youn

real value will depend on the movement and MFG company. To give a value without knowing the facts for me would be wrong. 

True enough but barring something extraordinary...

I sell many GF clocks per year. They can go $300 to $300,000 if one has a real rare GF clock. I always tell my help research is key

More pictures of clocks.


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