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I can't seem to find one of these anywhere, its 7.5ins tall and 5ins across the base so it would have held a lot of mustard, anyone got any ideas?IMG_20180107_113221.jpg

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I have located the advertisement picture on a tea towel and a poster, but all of such memorabilia appears to have been produced between the 1960s and 1980s...much of the stoneware by Lord Nelson. The above link is an example of some other Colman's pieces.

Thank you Molly as it has "made in England" on the bottom then it's post 1902 and probably much more recent it's just surprising there aren't more pictures of similar ones. 


Hi Molly, just an update, the artwork on the jar was originally designed by John Hassall in 1899 although that is no help in finding out when it was made. Unfortunately the Colman's museum in Norwich has closed but most of the displays can still be viewed online and I still can't find a jar like mine! A bit of detective work lead me to the former curator and I have sent her an email so fingers crossed I will find out a bit more. As none of the incredibly learned people here seem to know anything about it (and consider how popular Colman's memorabilia is) I think it may well be old, if so its a real shame I won't be able to give it to the museum.

Taylor's Mustard used to sell their mustard in stoneware of a similar colouring to your item.

When Taylor's factory closed up in 1990 Colman's took over their product, therfore it could be a date from then onwards which could have produced your item. Either that or this style of stoneware was commonly used by various people pre-1990 anyway.

Thanks for your reply Michael, I've searched through the Taylors merchandise too now but theres still nothing that fits, Colman's did do a reproduction run of "To Klondike" and "Return from Klondike" mugs in the 80's but like all their repro items they bore the "Lord Nelson" pottery marks. Unilever have directed me to their archive's department which now houses the Colman's museum and family collection's (as well as a vast amount of other artefacts and material) so fingers crossed they can shed some light on this. Colman's is a big business and even their repro, anniversary, special editions etc ran into hundreds of thousands of unit's so considering that and the unusual maker's mark this probably is old and it is definitely rare, I don't for one second think its particularly valuable but it's been great fun detective work!

I disagree that it looks old, and to me looks to be from the 1980's or so as Molly first suggested.

  • Hi Jeff thanks for taking the time to reply. That may well be the case although I have some Prattware transfer print pot lids that look brand new but are well over a hundred years old, also I have several stoneware ginger beer bottles that also look brand spanking new but the newest one is stamped '27 making it 90 years old. I once dug up a Tom o' Shanter Prattware Lid that looked great when I had cleaned it up, not like new admittedly but it had been in the ground for a hundred and twenty or so years! Its such a pretty jar, and such a perfect size for kitchen utensils, that it seems bizarre that if its a mass produced modern reproduction that no one can find another picture of one?

Just to resurrect this old thread I finally had a response from Unilever! The original artwork was by John Hassel and first published in "The Poster" in June 1898 this was subsequently used on jars for the first shipments of Colman's World Famous Mustard to Dawson City in 1898, by 1899 the gold rush was over. There is no record of this jar being reproduced. Information supplied by Lucy Myatt Archive/Records Assistant UARM UNILEVER.

Better late than never it's nice to know what it is but as it looks so good in the kitchen I'm keeping it.

Very befitting...


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