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I found an old cane handle that appears to be made out of ivory. is there a test to verify if it is ivory? If anyone has an idea of age, I'd appreciate that information too.  Thanks!

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Ivory test: In an inconspicuous spot, heat needle point to red hot, push into material. IF IVORY, nothing happens.  IF BONE or PLASTIC a tiny hole results.Some people call it a Hot Pin test, but pins are made of aluminum which transfers heat so it could burn you and may collapse causing injury. Needles are steel.

Your bulldog  is missing a glass eye. A duplicate can be obtained from a Taxidermist.

Age unknown.

I tried it,and no mark was left. I had noticed the eye, but had no Idea that a taxidermist could perform eye surgery. Thanks for the tips.

So that others here know I was a member of another antiques group on FB and posted an almost identical post asking whether an African necklace might contain ivory beads.  I soon after saw 2 separate messages on my post from group members advising me that I had to include the words "not for sale" on my new post.  I responded to these messages and immediately added the information that my necklace was "not for sale."  I soon after found that I'd been "booted out" of that other antiques group.  I then messaged one of the members who contacted the group's administrator who personally restored me to that group. However a short time later I was again kicked out of that group.  I'd previously been contributing many photos and stories to this one group and it seemed a personal vendetta to remove me from that group.  What didn't make sense to me was that my original post never indicated that I had any interest in selling my necklace and I hadn't even thought about accepting an offer to sell it.  Live and learn.  This is the African necklace photo which I'd posted and it is not for sale.   I love the artistic design of this necklace and the carved beads instantly caught my eye.

Part of the reason I joined this group is because they have separate categories for questions, selling, looking to buy, or just simply adding a photo. I generally spend my time looking at the photo section. The necklace is beautiful... by the way, how much is it? LOL

fyi I was looking thru some photos of various types of necklaces from another website and found this photo.  These are not my necklaces and were not advertised for sale.  I thought you might like to see these.  

I have located this item online, appears very 'similar' to yours. I realise you were more specifically after information on if it is ivory or not and Tom has helped you out there.

The following is just some additional information which may be of interest.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Walking Cane Circa late 19th England.

Good article about selling ivory in the USA. Other countries may have other laws. Article mentions July 6, but not the year, which was 2016.  4 states prohibit ivory sales. (see article).

Good find.  See?  The Staffordshire (pit) bull terrier is a loving breed.


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