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Just curious about the history of some of these paintings I see in some of the thrift shops.  Some appear to almost be done by machine but I’m told that actual artists were on the other end painting them.  Some are difficult to find references for but a few seem to be real.  Here is one that looked pretty good with an illegible signature.  Any ideas? The last one is one I purchased because I liked it but I know nothing about the artis.

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Funny thing about some of these are the growing interest and popularity around.  Tom mentions that he has never heard of the HIGHWAYMEN and just as an FYI, paintings documented to be done by the itinerant painters are soaring in value, sometimes into the TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars (its easy to google HIGHWAYMEN for examples).  These are a well documented group of black men (and one woman) who travelled around painting pictures to decorate people’s houses back in the day with beautiful FLORIDA landscapes scenes.  Often with pretty Jacaranda trees or Red Poinsienna’s, palm trees, water....Take a look and see for yourself.

Here's 57 Highwaymen paintings currently for sale on eBay (according to their website). Low 4 figure is the highest price I saw, most are medium 3 figure prices.  Didn't see any for "TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars" as you state...dream on.

You never heard of "motel art" or "starving artists" until now...I live in Oregon, your Highwaymen live in Florida.


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