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I bought this painting about 12 years ago....I believe it's from the 70's in Paris....the signed artist looks like "Royer H"...I tried researching the painting and artist to no avail 

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With the signature disappearing into the front frame of wood, is it possible to remove the frame to see the full signature?

I was able to loosen the frame backing and see the rest of the signature...maybe it's not an "H"....idk....thank you for the input.

Looks liek a skinny French number 7 to me, given the French already shown on the stamps.  Potentially the artist signed his/her name and then the year '78.

Henri Royer comes up a lot in google, but he always signed his name 'Henri Royer', not just Royer.  The other three noted Royer artists I found online all signed differently to this as well.

In the painting just below the rock in lower right corner just before the name there appears to be another, First Name,hidden by the frame...I  think it's Michael Royen, born 1953, lives in Germany. Google shows very little info on him, most of which is held by AskArt.  His on-line works look similar. I saw one of his ptgs pre-auction value 250-350 euros, sold 160,00 Euros. I also saw pics on line at a gallery in Cologne.

The new pic of his signature shows "78", the date painted I presume...

Thank you...I didn't see it that way..but I think you're both absolutely right...that it's the year '78...knew it wasn't "Henri Royer"..I looked him up previously...and thank you Tom....but I'm a little skeptical that it's Michael Royen....signature looks similar...but his work looks different..more abstract and in watercolors...but maybe it's when he was younger and painting with a different medium...idk....but I appreciate both of your input..much obliged

There's also a Peter Royen but his art is geometric, cubism, etc. A lot of artists start in one medium and then switch to something else.

Just for kicks....I looked up "Roger"...I know it's unlikely an artist would sign his first name...but this painting does have similarities to Roger Dean's work...he's more known for album covers and video game covers...he also has lived in East Sussex since 1972...which isn't far from Paris...maybe he dabbled a bit...who knows. 

Well, as an alternative something to try, you could contact Sennelier, since their stamp resides on the frame itself.  Perhaps, a rare off-chance they may be able to identify the painting.


I'll give that a shot..thanks!


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