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googling the name didnt provide me with any potential leads.

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What are the dimensions?  Is it the same size as a horseshoe?  Did you see if it attracts other metals?

Oops...not a magnet.

It's definitely smaller than a horseshoe. I'll take measurements this evening.

I don't believe it's magnetic, but I'll also check that tonight.

Because the "holes" are not punched through, it is obviously not functional.  The "calk" on the bottom is a feature used for more traction in winter, from what I am reading...but if you look at the "Tossing Horseshoes" you see the bottoms having an inward point.  Probably to have a better chance to catch the stake.

Not magnetic.

Measures approx. 2 3/4"  x 2 1/2"

I think it's a salesman's sample. Maybe for ponies or miniature horses.

Any luck with the name ? I came up empty.

POTENZONE is an Italian surname. I noticed that many of the men work in steel foundries, although I didn't find a Potenzone Foundry per se. But such may have existed and never made it to the internet.  In "pdf" I found a lawsuit but didn't open it.

Perhaps you could send some e-mails to various namesakes to find out more about your iron shoe. Type: Potenzone Italy steel...when it opens click "Images"...select and open.

Potenzone means “potential” in Corsican. I imagine this is simply a good luck charm meant to go over a door or wherever a Corsican puts his good luck charm.

This sounds legit to me. Thanks

In Italian the word for "potential" is potenziale. (Google-translate)

In Corsican the word is potenzale.

Potenzone is a surname and has no meaning in Italian or Corsican that I can find.

The mystery continues


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