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Hello All!

As I mentioned before I am rookie, at best, when it come to treasure hunting... I came across this vase and for some reason it called out to me lol.  My mother has always had an assortment of Hall Pottery in which this vase reminds me of.  The sticker of the bottom says made in China along with a Upc.  

I know I am new to this, but it would be my assumption, the stick in which I referring is not a good sign since UPC's didn't come into play until 1974... Also the sticker just doesn't call out VALUE lol.

Without considering the sticker the vase  appears, to me, to be of quality...  

If anyone has information on Made in China, Upcs, or the Vase in question please let know... 

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First thing I see is a chip on the rim. I don't ever buy anything that is chipped, broken, cracked or damaged. Impossible to re-sell for a profit. Think of your you want to be known as the person who sells broken junk?

Yes, it's pretty. If you like it, buy it.  Not old, Made in China means mass produced, written in English means for Export market. Maybe in 100 years MIC will be valuable, but just now I leave it on the table.

Thanks Tom, You are the Man!  lol   Yes I seen the chip as well.. I bought it more as an educational tool.  I got it for $0.59... Thank you for sharing your knowledge it's greatly appreciated


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