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Hello everyone :)

Is anyone familiar with this pattern?

I am assuming it is Noritake but the mark is half cut off. 

I am not familiar with this pattern or mark. Hoping someone is familiar with it. Thank you kindly. 

7.5" Diameter, 1.5" deep. 

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More photos. 


Hi Jesse,

Yes, it is Noritake. The mark on your piece dates it to c.1911. Pieces with this particular mark were exported to the United States and sent to decorating studios. Because of the Japanese influence in the design, I could definitely believe yours was done at a studio that specialized in Arts & Crafts decoration. The paint is so profuse throughout, that it almost looks more like a piece of pottery than a piece of porcelain. Really interesting!  

Thanks. I read more about the process of the various studios doing their own decorative work on the pieces. Thanks for the info. 

Besides decorating studios (which sounds like an official workplace), I have been led to believe that many people bought their own blanks in this time-frame and decorated them as they wished. I assume that was true of Noritake blanks also? They would be marked by the decorator as in Michael's example, then, only if that decorator decided to sign his/her pieces. Most of these decorator artists are unknown, so even knowing the name does not help pin any down more information.

Hi Jeff,

You are right that many people (largely women) also bought and decorated china at home. I was basing my studio reference off of the Noritake Collectors Guild. They seem to imply that pieces with this mark might have been sent to studios. Though, without a specific studio stamp, it would be hard to prove one way or the other.

Thank you, very interesting. Do you know of a place (either online or in a book) where known artists/studios that would do this decoration are listed? Or are we left to google what is written, hoping that we'll stumble across something?

I've got a few reference books about this topic at home. I'll get you the information tonight once I find them in my bookcase!

Awesome, I appreciate it. It's always nice to find another good reference book. I seem to acquire those almost as fast as antiques...

Two books that are specifically about porcelain decoration, with lots of studio references:

Dorothy Kamm, "American Painted Porcelain: Collector's Identification & Value Guide," 1997.

Alan B. Reed, "Collector's Encyclopedia of Pickard China, with Additional Sections on Other Chicago China Studios," 1995.

Thanks, I just ordered both!

Definitely the Noritake mark, which can be found in Green, Blue or Magenta.  The mark in my below example also has the artists signature added, though these are not always present, they can be found with the maker mark from time to time.


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