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Picked up this item over the weekend. No name on it.

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Boy, do I remember that truck...chased me across the desert on US Hwy 93 but I was lucky and got away...oops, that was Dennis Weaver in "Duel" a made for tv movie in 1971.

Image result for dennis weaver movie car chased by truck

In 1973 a short story was written by Scholastic Magazine, pub NYC. My brother-in-law was the photographer who took the pics. Being in the middle of winter he flew out to Idaho where I hired a convertible and an old red truck from Paul Jones, dec'd, of United Oil. The truck chased me along Hwy 93 for 2 hours with the top down.  Yep, I appear in the pics in the book.

As for your truck, with no name, I'd guess Made in Japan.  Many were.  Condition determines value along with age and supply.


That's some story. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  Sometimes it's better to be driving in back of a truck; I had to take this photo as I'd never before seen a fox on the back of a tanker.  Especially one that appeared to be staring directly at me.


The cab has some slight differences, but the cargo/tank is right on.

I pulled up behind a very big and highly polished septic tank pumping truck that had some hard to read FANCY script on the tailboard. It said "We'll take your shit"

My two thoughts are, cool, and the grill of the truck looks Russian.

Hubley or Tootsie Toy 

Don't these companies normally put their name on their products ?

That's "my" truck !

Well, not literally, I notice the pattern of areas missing paint differ to yours, but yes, the same style and wheels as the truck you posted.

Tootsietoy have been around since around 1920 as a part of parents companies dating back to around 1890 who later merged together.

I'm sure there is some information out there on google or Wikipedia to enlighten you further if you search for the name.

Thanks for the help in identifying this.


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