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Can anyone provide any info on this level ? I couldn't find a name on it either.

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I've been around twice and haven't seen that. The degree wheel is floating?
You might search "inclinometer".

I know you love a good mystery. Well it's definitely not a compass.

It rotates as a turn the level end over end(long end).

i have seen lots and lots of antique levels prob have 60-70 of them but not that one not sure off the top of my head who it possible could be tho


Appears to be a "level" used via "old school" to be sure your carpentry or other building projects are Level!


Excuse me Gents, I didn't see your posts before I put mine up here which is strange. 

But anyways,  don't you think this one looks to be handmade? I've sold a few levels, that I'd call really "rough looking" that were very similar to this, and I just assumed they were hand made?

I apologize in advance if I've got this completely wrong.

P= Plumb (vertical)

L= Level (horizontal).

Stanley patented it in 1896.  Wood levels are better than metal ones. Metal ones warp in the sun, wood doesn't.

Valued at $100. based on condition.

So this is a level ?

Inclinometer, Plumb and Level Indicator

There's got to be a name on this item somewhere. Time to get the loupe out.

It actually does look handmade, as the numbers and letters have variations, unlike a block print.  But on the "dial" I do see the #2 stamped by one of the screws.

I do recall seeing the #2.


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