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Need help in identifying this piece please. Has some kind of heraldic symbol center, is 8.5" tall and 5" at widest point across bottom "buckets". Is very heavy, maybe cast white metal. swivel at top, "claw" type buckets hang at each side. Side one says Health, Vim, Pep, reverse side says Strength, Vigor, Power. No marks. Any info anyone can give, including value will be appreciated. Thank you so much!!! Brenda DeJoice

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I cropped your photo in order to be able to see the central design of letters; I couldn't decipher what they are but perhaps someone else might be able to determine what these letters represent.

Thank you very much,  your enlarging/cropping solicited another helpful reply. I am still pursuing. Appreciate your help  

Obviously, I could be wrong here, but to me I see, in no particular order, an A, H, D and C.  I say a C because it is not closed in on the right hand side which is what I would expect if it were just a depiction of an eye.

Incidentally, I found this image on Etsy here selling for AU$86.07.  The seller has no idea what it is and makes suggestions on the site.

Thank you Michael. I followed the Etsy link and gained some more info. I am continuing to reasearch and hope to be able to determine the specific purpose of this piece, perhaps for a ritual, and also meaning of the acronymn letters you so kindly outlined. I appreciate all your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brenda

I see one more letter that Michael missed.  In the center is a small "o".  Since it's inside the "C" I assume it stands for "Co.", or Company.  There are numerous AHDCo. online, but nothing comes up with the motto.

Since the highest letter is A, then 2nd highest is H, then D, with C being the shortest, I suggested AHD Co. but it could be something else.

Good possibility Tom, I had kind of dismissed the small centre oval, assuming it to be a decorative element giving the overall C look like an eye, I never thought of it being Co, for company. I like that possibility.


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