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I can't find it anywhere. My guess is that it is new.  Shape reminds me of glass Ashtrays from Sweden.  Is it "cased glass"--you didn't say.

I call it cased, creamy over white, I will look in the Swedish Arena, and top does look like ashtray. but I was leaning Italian.I don't think new, though

I mean creamy over clear

New...guess as I get older "new" gets older too. My mother toured Europe in early 1960s and sent me a Swedish ashtray in exact same shape, lilac color.

So "new" is actually MCM (Mid-century modern, 1960s). Which is old to some people, and new to others. :)

It looks like the clear crystal is over the pearl-satin white, or vice versa.

thanks for the thinks, wish I could figure out the mark, bought set for 12$

It is the mark for Sasaki Crystal, which was a Japanese company that began in retail and later started production in 1917. It is still around, but has merged with other companies to become Toyo-Sasaki Glass.

wow, u r sumptin! I will check it out, TY!!!

yes, I found them also, sure appreciate it


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