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Need help with establishing value of this rug from Iran that I bought at an auction.

Need help with establishing the value of this rug from Iran. 97.5” wide by 132.5” long plus fringe. So roughly 8x12 foot rug. Excellent condition. Tag reads L.K.L. Hand made in Iran . A tan carpet washing. Factory Hosseinzadeh. No. 5702. Masse 329 x 245 with a box outlined handwritten number that looks like f06. The tag was loosely “stuck“ on the back corner of the rug. Does not feel like it is wool. Sad to say I cannot distinguish wool from silk from cotton.

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Looks like wool to me with a cotton weft. There are various tests which can find online that involve melting/burning a small amount of fiber. But I don't think there is a need to test in this case.

Not an old rug, so no real antique value. Replacement value is easy to find - just go to a rug store and see what they charge for the same size/quality. Or are you looking for value if you were to try to sell it without having a rug store to sell it from?

The Persian Mashad style seems to closely resemble yours.  This place has Mashad, Wool, Hand-knotted, and Persian.  It is a start.


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