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Thanks Molly.

Googling Flaherty's and Long Island City and I came up empty. 

You didn't Google enough input...  I googled, "Flaherty's Beverages" Long Island NY and 4 or 5 subjects came up. Should answer your questions. 



If you look at who is the author of the question regarding the Flaherty's Beverage crate, you will see it's none other than me.

Sadly, no one chimed in. :(

"Sadly, no one chimed in. :("  I was "chiming in". Open my link.

I did.  All the results seem to pertain to my auction/questions I posted on a forum

OK, didn't know those were yours.

NY Secretary of State at Albany, Corporate Records can give you names, dates, addresses, etc. of corps, cos., p-ships, indiv proprietorships, etc. of active, dissolved, foreign (other states), FREE on line or telephone.

Thanks for the info.

I couldn't find anything from the past, either...but I think that is what the name says.

After superimposing the two side images together to try and recreate as much of the original logo as possible, and inverting the colour to enhance the contrast, I see "Glaherty's Beverages".  Then  with this, through many searches in Google and much time spent searching through the results, I've found a grand total of.... absolutely nothing.

Google Earth (Map) shows 43-55 11th Street is a 3 story bldg in Long Island NY. Occupancy is not shown, however the bldg is currently For Sale and realtor's phone number is visible if you want to call him/her....  Upper 2 floors appear to be residential; main floor has truck-sized garage door.

Man you are through


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