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101_3112.JPG101_3114.JPG101B3072.JPG101B3200.JPG101B3280.JPG101B3232.JPG101B3260.JPG101B3270.JPG101B3291.JPGPlease help!! I have exausted myseld in researching these tea cups and saucers through the internet. The little info that I can find via ebay, etc; is that though they are not trio sets; would I be accurate to assume that each cup and saucer would value at around $45.00 to $75.00 each? All are in amazing condition, no scratches, chips, or cracks. Not even a hint of wear to the gold. The set with the sharp handles are a set of 5. However, the rounded handle set, I have 5 saucers, but 4 cups. Must have had an unfortunate casualty over the years. I would also like it if anyone could shed a little more light on these as far as placing an actual time period, or any other relative history, or rarity on them. Much appreciated for the help all!!! Thank you!!! I have more pics if neccessary...They are all stamped VIEINB? OR 6? WITHIN THE CROWN, JLMENAU GRAF VON HENNENBERG PORZELAIN, MADE IN GERMANY 1849 GENUINE COBALT. And of course each is numbered differently. Does anyone know what the symbol that resembles a music note mean?

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Hi, I found a lot of items on ebay and in other locations. The set is newer (1970's I think) and I agree with your evaluation of what each cup and saucer might sell for. Older pieces are signed Eicht Kobalt not Genuine Kobalt, I found that on newer pieces. I have had a piece of this for sale for almost a year online and its not that popular.

Gold overlay has always been the kiss of death for me but I'm sure you will find a buyer.


P.S. The "music note" looks like the hand decorator's initial.
While these are very lovely, I very much doubt they would bring those high prices? I should think $15 - $25 per set would be much closer to the amount you may get for each. Perhaps a bit more if you sold them as a set. When dealing w/ "Made in Germany" porcelain, the company matters little, unless it is a very well known maker - ie Meissen, etc. "Made in" always means these were after the Tarrif act of I believe 1847 - though I think these are more likely 1920's. Cobalt blue is always popular, but Tea cups and saucers are not as popular as they once were and do not bring much these days because they are so abundant.


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