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Found these two items at my family farm house, not sure what they are. The large item looks as if something hot has been in the basket like oval part. The scissor like item looks the same where it opens. My guess is the scissor item is maybe some sort of antique candle snuffer and just a guess on the larger object maybe it was used to carry hot coals? Any help would be appreciated thank you!

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I found this bed warmer online, very similar to your bed warmer.


Maker: ENGLISH - PEERAGE - If yours had no maker mark stamp, it may be a repro, or had its handle replaced at some point.

Peerage Bed Warmer - Great shape for its age, Size is 23 inches
Overall Length and Bowl is 5 x 7 x 1½ Inches

Antique Engl. Brass Handle Peerage Bed Warmer W/oval Pan, L - B104 Hearth Ware photo


Like Molly said, the other item is a combination scissors style candle snuffer & wick trimmer.  If ound one the same style as yours on eBay, see the link.

eBay Site Link - US $29.99

The difference between yours, Michael, and the one Jesi is inquiring about, appears to be the fact that your example has a solid bottom.  The other had a pierced underside, as well.  The concept being that hot rocks were used instead of coals.  But, I do believe they are very similar and serve the same purpose.   

One must just choose their heat source, accordingly.  :)

Yes, I noticed the lack of venting in the base also, though I would be likely to use hot rocks as well.  I see no point in adding mess to the bed sheets.

I assume coals were simply accessible to more people than suitable rocks safe for heating as some rocks, when over heated, explode.

Peerage, Made in England, makes DECORATIVE REPRODUCTIONS.


Here's another link for Peerage that also confirms they make repros.



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