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Found these two items at my family farm house, not sure what they are. The large item looks as if something hot has been in the basket like oval part. The scissor like item looks the same where it opens. My guess is the scissor item is maybe some sort of antique candle snuffer and just a guess on the larger object maybe it was used to carry hot coals? Any help would be appreciated thank you!

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Thank you for the info, I knew I was on the right track just wanted to be sure.

I also see a wick trimmer, but the "bed warmer"?  Unless there was an internal pan that is missing, you would have hot coals and sparks coming through the bottom holes catching your sheets on fire!

I must admit, I did not look closely enough to see that the bottom portion was not solid.  

Therefore, I would say that is NOT a bed warmer.  Further investigation continues.  :)

I still think it is a bed warmer. Many of them did have vent holes like that, though it sure doesn't seem the best design. haha

My grandma was 92 and still had a scar on her leg from a bed warmer incident.

Not a snuffer. Held trash (remnants of cut wicks). Snuffers are round, same shape as most candles, and don't have lids...

Not a bed warmer. Maybe a foot warmer for an early day carriage or car. Maybe held chestnuts for warming...

 I also found that they would heat river stones in the one I have, then put in another cloth and then ran over the sheets of the bed to warm. Thank you for your response, that makes more sense than it being a snuffer. How far we have come pretty neat!

So, a bed warmer without coals.  Everything else about it made sense.

Not for coals, they heated rocks which were much better. I don't remember the name but a Swedish stone (maybe soapstone?) kept the heat much longer than hot coals, and rocks don't cause fires.

PLUS they're reusable!

I would throw out popcorn popper, the holes look to big and the kernels would fall through.

Ask "Kernel" Sanders, he might know.


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