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i received this beautiful pendant as a Christmas present from my husband.  I love it and want to find out more about it.  I haven’t been able to identify the markings or to find anything even remotely like it on the internet.

Thanks for any help!

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The jeweler today could not make out the words, but suggested he was inclined to believe the letters were GUCC.... which he felt might be GUCCI, however, neither he nor I could come close to determining the accuracy of that guess.

Thanks for any help.  I truly have no idea of the maker or value.  Measurements are 1 3/4” including the bale, and 3/4” across. There are no gold markings on the piece, but it tests out att least 14k.  The eyes are a high quality, but small, diamonds and the Phoenix is set with what tests out as natural Rubies and an amethyst.

Looks like SUC to may be a distributor or importer mark. I see where Thailand uses a SUC mark but from what i found it was only on Sterling..


Thank you for the reply.  I agree that the photo does look more like an s than a G.  The photo is somewhat misleading though.  In person, and with a jewelers loop, it is much more likely to be a G.  I’m guessing the phone I used picked up too much of a glare.  I must honestly admit that anything beyond the GU (and possibly C) is unreadable even with. Very good loop in natural light.  Neither of us was certain of much on the markings, but the piece is definitely gold and the diamonds are of exceptional quality.  The rubies and sapphire appear to be hand set and perhaps a little older.  He seemed to think the diamonds must have been set in as the piece was being molded.  Of course it is just a guess and he was not certain.  We are very rural here and I’m just searching for knowledge.

 Thanks again!

"tests out at least 14k" is not a test, it's a guess. If it was a real test you would say it's 14k. I also question the stones and diamonds. What prevents the diamonds from falling out?  I see punch marks under the eyes that hold the bottom of the diamond in place but that is very poor workmanship.

It obviously is an Egyptian woman's face, or more likely Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra's face. She had screen shots that showed her hair with ringlets like these, and she also wore gold chains in her hair like this.

Is the Phoenix (a bird) Egyptian?  I thought it was an ibis.

The movie came out in the early 1960s which would date your pendant to 1963 or newer.

To be certain have a jeweler look at the stones and test the purity.

These are the closest items in a 'similar' style I've found online thus far.

Colgante oro 18Kt. busto de Cleopatra

Here's a back shot, what does yours look like in comparison?

Colgante oro 18Kt. busto de Cleopatra


Cleopatra Pendant from Spain

Image result for pendant cleopatra

another on eBay


Above are some additional shots. The discoloration is solely caused by lightning and reflection from the “camera”.  The colors are perfectly even, despite the appearance in some of these photos.

The “at least 14k” Is my wording error because I don’t remember the exact gold karat from the receipt.  I do know the diamonds and other stones were tested and were guaranteed, as was the gold karat and weight.  It was purchased from a very reputable jewelry store, who happens to have the best equipment anywhere around.  This store was not the one who suggested the possibility of the GUCCI markings.....that was a small, local, rural jeweler...who was just guessing because he said he knew of no one else who had those particular letters...however, he never intentionally misled me in any way.  I simply enjoy the piece and want to find out more about it.  

The mistake in in the naming of the bird is I took the word of an uneducated friend who was certain it was a Phoenix.  Again, that was my mistake and was not intentional.

Thank you for your help.  

I’d really love to find out more and I sincerely appreciate all who have provided information.

I just found a similar one on ebay, but the bale is different.

Here is the link.

I hope this will help with the identification.  I have sent a message to the owner requesting additional photos of the bale.  I will update if I get answers (for those who may be interested in the outcome).

The bird could be a vulture. Vultures are among the most common symbols featured in Egyptian headdresses. A number of vulture species lived in ancient Egypt, so the bird was a recognisable image. In Egyptian mythology, vultures were not just scavenging birds, but symbols of femininity and maternal protection.

I assume the store your item originated from were unable to provide any additional background information on the maker and markings?

You know, it dawns on me, it may not be a bird at all, the scarab is also a very common animal depicted on Egyptian headdresses.  As it is a bettle which does fly, it is also often depicted with outstretched wings.

Yes.  I just loved it because it was unique.  

Considering how long I have been looking, I’m thinking is particular piece is somewhat limited, if not rare.

I really appreciate your help.  Great info on the bird too!

Please let me know if you find more info.   I have an extensive jewelry collection and love to find out more about my pieces. 

I don’t sell them...just enjoy them...and I ALWAYS prefer estate pieces.

Thanks again!  Check out that eBay link above, if you get the chance.  It is always possible the balewas replaced on mine.  Hopefully the eBay seller will be willing to send a photo of the bale on that one. It looks very clear and might help with true identification.


"Cleopatra pendant in 18 carat gold (750 mm). It measures 4, 4 cm long, 2, 7 cm wide and its exact weight is 13, 9 grams. The state in which the jewel is found is perfect. Website: www. economicgold. it's Mobile, Mail or WhatsApp."

Again found on another website in Spanish, I translated the description on the website using Google Translate and pasted it above this sentence. There are six photos on this website below, unfortunately they are all rather overexposed, but you still get the idea of the design being very similar.

Selling for
490 € Euro

755.39 Australian Dollar

594.70 US Dollar
436.11 British Pound


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