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My wife and I bought this today at a resale shop, we were told it is a bookcase, but I think it is something else, it looks like a two tier bookcase but it has a 13 x 1 3/4 inch oval opening on the top; on the medium shelf it has blocks of wood in the back with thin strip of wood across in front of the blocks of wood, I believe there are parts missing to this. Can someone please help identify it? Thanks in advance.

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Does the middle shelf fold up, perhaps?  Why are there small holes in the top?  Do you think it could be a handle to move it around?  What are the exact dimensions?  Did I ask a lot of questions? ;)

Thank you for the questions, the middle shelf does not fold up, the are 3 holes on top which I think were made by hand afterwards for some other purpose, since the holes are not properly aligned to anything and have rough edges as the oval opening is routed and finished on the inside with the same kind of finish as the overall piece the exact dimensions are... 24"W x 28 3/8"H x 11 1/2 "D it seems to be made mostly of plywood except on the frame and front edge of middle shelf which look like solid wood. What catches my attention are the blocks of wood inside on the middle shelf which align with the top oval hole.

Somehow, I was thinking maybe a vanity mirror dropped down and was secured to that shelf...however, my search is coming up empty.

Bizarre as this sounds, I owned a bookcase exactly like that, same color and size with the same slot on top, and ended up giving it to Goodwill. You didn't buy it in the Boston area, did you?

I figured mine was a bookcase that someone had modified, perhaps to hold fanfold paper for a computer printerthat sat on top, like they used in the 80's. Except that never made sense, since the slot was too well cut and looked factory done as did the unusual shelf. If this is not the exact same piece, then these must have been done this way at a factory, originally delivered to hold a piece of machinery (maybe some office furniture, printer, typewriter, dictating machine, ??) I could never figure out what. I finally replaced it with actual bookshelves that look and work better.

Wow! those were my thoughts exactly, We bought it at a resale shop in Lake Charles, LA; the owner said it was a book case, which I doubted since the thin strip of wood in the back of the shelves would most likely end up damaging the books and that space in the back would serve no purpose if it was a bookcase. The oval slot and the thin strips of wood inside as well as the block in the back seem to be factory done. Thank you for your reply!

"Maybe it is worth investigating the unknown, if only because the very feeling of not knowing is a painful one." Krzysztof Kieslowski


Scroll down the page a little and it appears you two are spot on!

1980s?  Not, gotta go back another 1-2 decades, 1960s-70s.  You have a Stereo Components cabinet most likely furnished to retailers and designed to fit specific items made by the company.  The top probably held a stereo amplifier, AM-FM Stereo-Mono radio, speakers (2 wires per speaker, 5 speakers), wires for other components. The slots are for the many different wires.  Each component had various wires that hooked the system together. Selection was made thru this top component. Other items could have been a turn-table on a slide-out tray*, a cassette tape player, a pre-amp, a surround sound for tv, using stereo speakers, and other items.

*Remnants of sliding mech are what you see in your picture, obviously cut off. Think of a slide out kitchen drawer.


Why don't you check out the link I sent.  It shows and describes the exact piece.  Just scroll down a little bit.

Amazing find Molly. That explains it - came with a set of encyclopedias.

Thank you Molly!

Now we all know what its for will have to put that in my data base


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