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Hello everyone. I have purchased this vase at auction and I'm having trouble researching its origin. It is marked Danmark in a circle on the bottom with a four slash signature. It has a torn stamp on the bottom that shows a Ka? I'm thinking Kahler but not sure. It is only 4 inches tall and 5 inches wide. It's a peculiar shape that I could not find. It has a metal feel and sound to it. I have come across enameling plates before from Virgil Castini. Any incite would be appreciated.






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Images came out small  : (


I wish you could get some larger pics.  I cannot really see the details.  The hole in the bowl is so small, do you think it could hold a taper?  Or are you thinking a single stem bud vase?

Not a vase. Shape is that of a Compote. Holds fruit, candies, nuts, etc.

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Herman Kahler ceramic vase

Image result for Kahler danish compote dish blue

Image result for compote dish Herman Kahler compote dish

Looks quite similar to me.


I still think it is the same artist.

Hi Everyone,

Finally got some larger pictures taken from my camera. I would like to know if this is an original Herman August Kahler piece or was it done by someone else. Thanks for your input. hagd

Why are you still doubting it?  The design is the same, the glaze is the same, the markings are the same, the DANMARK is the same...don't you want it to be special?

Did you check out the ebay posting?  It shows yet another example of the mark on the bottom...besides the one I showed you above. HAK HAK HAK  :)


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