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Hi! I have inherited this candy bowl and there are no markings on it. I'd love to identify it. My 98 year old grandmother who gave it to me does not remember where she got it but she has had it since before I was born, in the 1970s. Does anyone know anything about this design or style? I would like another one or more glassware with this design if they are out there. Thanks for your help! It's 7" wide and 7" tall.

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hey carol its hard to tell from just one picture. The first thing that comes to mind is bohemian as I have a blue decanter with shot glasses that kinda look like this. if you do a search from bohemian glass you may be able to locate it from there. 

Thank you, I will try that. 

Do you know if each piece is unique or if they made multiples of their work?

Here is another picture. 


I have  three piece set in pink that was part of a vanity set. My mother bought it in the 60's.

Ryan has it right on! Here's a similar (look at the painted flowers) on Etsy.  Asking $26.00 USD. I think yours is much nicer, maybe worth up to $50.or more.

Bohemian Pedestal Candy Dish Lid Yellow Glass Painted Enamel Flowers Gold Gilt

You're right, it does look similar. Thanks!

Hi Carol

Even though I cannot locate your item online, I would have to agree with Ryan it is most likely Bohemian glass.  I did see a number of similar pieces, a few even had similar flowers, but not similar enough to be part of a set from the same designer who hand painted your piece.

They were listed under Bohemian Czech Glass, hand-painted enamel.

This is very helpful, thank you. I will add the hand-painted enamel to my searches. Does anyone know if there is a site you can post on when you're looking for something? In search of....


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