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Back in 1941 my wife's mother, a little girl at the time, was exploring an old house in Hinsdale, NH that her family had moved into. In the attic she found this metal sculpture, which she named "Mr. Jones" because his mustache reminded him of a neighbor down the street.

Ten years later when she was pregnant with her first child, she saw another "Mr. Jones" on the mantle over the fire in her doctor's office, also in Hinsdale.

He's a renaissance man, he sits among his books and seems have a spot for a quill or a brush in his left hand, and his left hand may have held something once as well.

We don't have any idea what it is (decoration? doorstop? bookend?) or where it came from, but we are terribly curious.

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He might have sat atop a mantle clock. 

This guy is about a close to the design as I've seen elsewhere.  Listed on Etsy as 'Metal Figurine European Sculpture English Gentleman In A Library with Books Vintage Man Author Sitting'

Fred is right on the money. Your Mr. Jones is a clock topper. They are made of spelter and patinated with a shiny metallic finish.

Thank You LB Laub. I love to repair old clocks and he does look like a few I have seen in the past

Original eBay Listing


Mar 08, 2014 , 7:00

Sold for US$53

Not the same condition as yours though.


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